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Sightseeing tour of Dubai

Where it is better to buy excursions in Dubai? Hurry up on a tour of the busiest and most promising city of the Arabian Peninsula together with the Shang Tours! You have a unique opportunity to plunge into the atmosphere of modern Dubai at an affordable price. Let this trip become an unforgettable part of your holiday in the Arab Emirates. This trip to Dubai is one of the most booked for the coming year.

Organizational moments

In total there are 2 variants of the excursion around Dubai in Russian. Both options assume 1 hour of travel time and the accompaniment of a Russian-speaking guide.

  • Departure every Monday and Thursday at 14.30. At 23.00, you will already be mentally
    to revise the moments of the trip, being in a cozy hotel room. You will go to
    a trip on a 20-seat comfortable bus. For each person
    free water, 0.5 liter capacity.
  • Departure every Wednesday and Saturday at 13.00. You will have a rest in the hotel room
    the opportunity is only after 21.30 pm. The bus has a capacity of 50
    passenger places.

About a sightseeing tour of Dubai step by step

Самый дорогой отель в мире возможно увидеть во время обзорной экскурсии по Дубаю!

A sightseeing tour of Dubai will give you many impressions!

The excursion program includes visiting the most popular and famous places in Dubai.
Here are the moments that will surely remain in your memory:

  • A trip to the artificial island, which houses villas and hotels
    complexes exclusively vip-class. In 2008, the world became aware of the
    the emergence of the largest resort complex «Atlantis» on the Arabian Peninsula.
    This hotel will be the first 20-minute stop during the tour. Here you
    you can enjoy chic views and take a picture. Fortunately, during
    a sightseeing tour of Dubai, you will have enough time to catch everything
  • An indelible impression you will have after a walk along the embankment overlooking Dubai Marina. Is not
    for the luxurious architectural style and majestic skyscrapers of the Emirates, you
    went on a trip? Admire the terrain you will be 15 minutes.
  • Photostop on the background of the hotel «Sail» (Burj-el-Arab) is a unique opportunity to visit
    the most luxurious hotel complex in the world. Can it be compared with anything
    a building located on an artificially created island 280 meters from the sea? Share your impressions of the Arab miracle with your loved ones, because you can take pictures of all this beauty for 20 minutes.
  • The next step will be a visit to Madinat Jumeirah, which is commonly referred to as the «Arab
    Venice «. This is another resort complex, equipped with a non-transferable
    eastern atmosphere of Arabia. Here you will have about 30 minutes to walk around
    Arab market, and admire
    picturesque paintings. In the resort you can also see a large
    number of villas, made in the traditional style, and several boutique hotels.
  • Next you will visit the hotel Jumeirah Al Qasr, which is truly a pearl
    the resort complex, the palace for the sheikhs of their Eastern fairy tales. On the territory of the palace
    you will see the silhouettes of horses made from real gold. The palace is amazing
    tourists with their original contrast. You can see the traditional
    Arab architecture combined with luxurious modern interiors. Thanks to the overview
    Tours in Dubai you can enjoy this grace!
  • You will visit the unique museum devoted to the Muslim art. Art Gallery
    will open before you a completely different world where you can hold in your hands old oriental handmade utensils, touch carpets painted for Arab reasons, feel the aromas of natural healing oils. To get acquainted with the exhibition, and
    also the purchase will be set aside 20 minutes.
  • You have to ride along the street, which is considered the pride of the emirate of Dubai. This is about
    The Sheikh Zayed highway is the longest state road where you can see the twin towers, and
    also other architectural projects that are not described.
  • Contemplation of the highest, with nothing incomparable musical fountain, the height of the jets
    which is 128 meters. It is located near the Burj Khalifa skyscraper,
    height of 828 m. On the 124th floor of the building there is a playground with which, for an additional price, you can observe all the greatness of the Arab world from a bird’s eye view.
  • Walk through the largest shopping center in the Arab Emirates — a complex Dubai
    . It houses an incredible beauty aquarium that beats all records on
    dimensions and design solutions. You will be given 2 hours time for
    unhurried walk in this fabulous place. And this is all during the sightseeing tour of

Interesting facts about Dubai

Dubai is a unique emirate, in which two completely different worlds are closely intertwined.
In the traditional magic of the East, the wayward and bold architecture of modernity invades.
Perhaps, this is the most lively, advanced and fascinating city. There is no second place where
would from the endless sand dunes for a short time grew a real powerful

Вы сможете насладиться шикарным видом отеля «Atlantis» во время обзорной экскурсии по Дубаю!

A sightseeing tour of Dubai is very popular in 2017.
  • Dubai is the home of the faithful Muslims who honor and honor all
    the laws of Islam. The crime rate here is zero. This place rightfully deserves
    the title of the safest city in the world. All this is promoted by strict laws,
    as well as high moral morality of the population.
  • In Dubai is the largest gold product on earth. In 1999, it was created
    decoration, the length of which was 4.2 km. This is a chain, for which
    used more than 22 kg of pure gold. Individual parts of the chain were sold out 9600
    wishing, after which it was divided into chains and bracelets.
  • Urban residents express sincere love for the noble metal — gold. Arabs
    cover them with their interior items, cars, bathroom items. In 2013, statistics recorded that it is in Dubai that 40% of the world’s gold is concentrated. In order to better represent the full scale, recall — sold in
    The emirate gold items worth billions of dollars are equal to the weight of 353 elephants from Africa.
  • The high temperature in the metropolis, as well as high humidity, prompted the authorities to
    installation of air conditioners on the streets of the city. All public transport stops in
    Dubai have a closed view — inside of them there is a desired coolness.

It is difficult to underestimate the importance of Dubai for the Arabian Peninsula. Emirate at the same time
is a tourist resort, a traditional Islamic city, and also a place for
development and business. A sightseeing tour will give you a complete picture of the grandeur and
beauty of modern Emirate.

Экскурсия по Дубаю включает в себя прогулку по Дубай Марине, которая не оставит равнодушным никого!

Tour of Dubai will appeal to every tourist without exception.

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