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Duration: 11 o’clock

Начало: 10:30 — 21:00

Work days: Wed/Sat

Group: from 2 people

Food: lunch included

Adult ticket: $63

Children’s ticket: $48

Sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi

The capital of the Arab Emirates is 80% of the Arabian Peninsula, filled with luxury and the only skyscrapers of its kind, unusual shapes and architecture, striving toward the clouds. Visit the rich Arab metropolis on the most favorable terms from Shang Tours! By the way, Abu Dhabi simply can not be missed by resting in the UAE.

What is included in the tour price?

The tour price includes a visit to all major attractions of the Emirate capital. You will visit places that are visiting cards of Abu Dhabi. The program also provides lunch in a traditional Arabic restaurant near the Persian Gulf.

Details of excursion departure

Comfortable, equipped with air conditioning, a 20-seat local bus company Shang Tours will pick you up straight from the hotel, To deliver to the heart of the Arab Emirates — the capital of Abu Dhabi on the following days:
— Monday from 7.15 to 18.30
— Wednesday from 10.30 to 21.00
— Thursday from 8.00 to 19.30
— Saturday from 8.00 to 19.30

The road to Abu Dhabi will take about 2 hours, during which you will have the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the eastern fairy tale through the bus window. Free drinking water is provided during the trip. All along the way you will be accompanied by a professional Russian-speaking guide from the company Shang Tours, who will gladly answer all your questions about the UAE. During the tour of Abu Dhabi you will not be bored!

It should be noted that your clothes should contain a minimum of open areas (always cover your legs and hands), you must have a headdress and socks.

What awaits in the course of the excursion?

Приобретая экскурсии по Абу-Даби Вы обязательно посетите Феррари Парк!

Ferrari Park — Excursions to Abu Dhabi

  • The first thing that awaits you on the way is a sightseeing trip to an indoor park called Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi.
                                        This is one of the attractions that attracts tourists from all over the world. Is a park on an artificial
                                        Yas Island, which also surprises our tourists. If you are a car enthusiast or just crave an exciting spectacle,
                                        then the trip will not leave you indifferent. That there is only one dome of the building, made in the form of a Ferrari logo,
                                        which is visible from space. You will have the opportunity to be photographed inside the building for 20-30 minutes. Ferrari Park in
                                        Abu Dhabi is a favorite place for all tourists!
  • Further your journey will continue at the date market. This is the most popular market in Abu Dhabi, running 365 days
                                         in the year, day and night without a weekend. You will have the opportunity to purchase, as well as taste dates, dates in chocolate
                                         and with nuts that are produced in the UAE. Only a few fruits will quench the feeling of hunger, and will also be recharged with new energy. Walk and purchase you can within 25 minutes.
  • A walk around the village «Heritage». Together with the guide you can go back a few centuries back, visit the Bedouin
                                         dwellings, to familiarize with objects of a life and an interior of local residents. This is a unique opportunity for the whole soul to feel the subtlety
                                         culture and way of life of the Eastern population. After sightseeing, a hearty lunch is served in the restaurant.
    During the sightseeing tour of Abu Dhabi, you do not have to waste time looking for cafes.
  • After lunch, a photostop is planned against the background of the most luxurious hotel complex in the world Emirates Palace.
                                         The building with traditional Arab architecture embodies the Muslim culture in combination with the modern way of life
                                         local residents.
  • Visit the Art Gallery «Miraj» in the capital of the Arab Emirates. In the Islamic Art Center are the most famous
                                        works of Egypt, Iraq and India. In each exhibit you can feel the close interweaving of art with religion.
                                        In the center of Miraj you will see traditional Persian dresses from expensive textiles embroidered with emeralds and gold, painted
                                        Arabic calligraphy vases, marble figurines, ceramic products from China, Iranian carpets, as well as other items
                                        luxury of past times and modernity.
  • Trip to a place of significance for all Muslims – Белая мечеть Шейха Зайда. The mosque is deservedly recognized as the largest and richest
                                        among such structures. Still on the way to the attraction, your attention will attract incredible beauty
                                        marble minarets. This majestic mosque is known for its luxurious decoration and interior — here the largest in
                                        world carpet woven by hand and a luxuriously decorated chandelier, adorned with precious stones and gold. It is worth noting that the chandelier is listed in the
                                        the Guinness Book of Records. Before crossing the threshold of the mosque, the girls will be given the opportunity to change into a
                                         traditional Arabian clothes and before the entrance to take off their shoes. Stop the tour here will be the most
    Tourists will be able to freely inspect and photograph the building within 1.5 hours.
Экскурсии по Абу-Даби позволят Вам увидеть шикарные места, такие как Эмирейтс Палас.

Excursions around Abu Dhabi will appeal to every tourist.

Exciting facts about Abu Dhabi

  • The capital of the Emirates is the richest historical and cultural heritage of the peninsula. Here are intertwined Arabian
                                         traditions with modern reality. Is there anywhere like that?
  • Thanks to the subtropical climate in Abu Dhabi, the sun shines all year round. Even in January you will enjoy a pleasant
                                         summer heat.
    In this regard, local residents without air conditioning here can not do.
  • Abu Dhabi keeps a piece of the soul of each of the Emirates. You can often hear that the capital is called the heart of the region.
                                         A well-developed transport connection makes it easy to get here from the corners of America, Asia or Europe.
  • The capital of the Arab Emirates occupies most of the area of the entire peninsula. Perhaps this is the case when from
                                         size depends a lot. The main emirate by right belongs to the largest possessions.
  • Abu Dhabi is simply an archipelago of islands, numbering about 200 pieces. Take a stroll on the boat by
                                         The islands are a tempting offer for both tourists and locals.
Во​ ​ время​ ​ экскурсии​ ​ по​ ​ Абу-Даби​ ​ Вы​ ​ сможете​ ​ увидеть​ ​ бедуинов​ ​ в​ ​ деревне

​Excursions in Abu Dhabi will be remembered for a long time.

Is it possible to spend a holiday in the United Arab Emirates without getting acquainted with the very heart of the peninsula — the capital of the state?
                                 Shang Tours invites you to an excursion to the magical horizons of Abu Dhabi. The staff of the company wish you a pleasant journey!

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