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Tour by Red Bus from Shang Tours»

Who does not want to ride a popular double-decker red bus, cruising the Sharjah Emirate? This sightseeing tour of Sharjah will give you an introduction to the most noteworthy and famous places. There are 3 different routes, you can use any: leisure, cultural, night. Go to any stop and be in the right place any amount of time. Buses run every half hour. This is something like an unlimited right of way. You can visit many shopping centers, museums, see sights.

Departure is carried out with certain stops located throughout the city. The frequency of the buses is 30 minutes. For your convenience, the sightseeing bus route is marked on the map. It also shows the location of buses. The card is issued free of charge when you purchase a ticket. Bus itself refers to the transport of increased comfort. They are equipped with air conditioning, amenities for the disabled, a special audioguide in the salon (the narrative is conducted in 7 languages, including Russian). On board there is free access to the Wi-Fi network, each passenger is provided with drinking water. Children under the age of 3 travel free of charge, children under 10 years old have a children’s ticket, and children over 10 years old travel at full cost.

Bus tour of Sharjah

The ticket for the sightseeing bus excursion to Sharjah is valid for 24 hours from the moment of the first landing on the bus. Use the ticket only once.

  • The cost of excursions in Sharjah without visiting museums is $ 28 for an adult and $ 14 for a child;
  • A trip with a visit to 6 museums will cost $ 48 to an adult and $ 26 to a child.
В ОАЭ проходят комфортные экскурсии на автобусах

Экскурсии в Шардже на открытом двухэтажном автобусе

What museums will we visit?

  • The Museum of Islamic Civilization is a place where you can touch the Islamic world, as well as learn the depth and subtleties of Muslim culture. Noteworthy is that only in Sharjah there is a museum of this kind.
  • The Museum of Fine Arts will give you an idea of the basics of Eastern culture, as well as sculpture and traditional painting of the state. In world art, the exposition of this particular museum is considered the most diverse. Many of the paintings and sculptures presented here were made by foreigners. The artists were so impressed by the Arabian nature and unique eastern architecture that later it found expression in incredible beauty works.
  • The Museum of Calligraphy is the only museum in the Middle East, representing exclusively the art of writing. Under it was a restored room in the heart of the Emirate. You will make the whole journey to the basics of calligraphic art. Within the framework of the museum works of various oriental masters of letters from Turkey and the countries of the Persian Gulf are presented.
  • The Maritime Museum in Sharjah is a place that holds the most remarkable riches of the underwater world of the Emirate. It was created to enlighten travelers and all who are interested in the heritage of the Arab state. On the territory of the museum you will see boats of ancient seafarers, made of wood, used for fishing, pearl hunting and trade. You can contemplate the fascinating process of mining and processing pearls in the smallest detail.
  • The Heritage Village is one of the most interesting corners of the Emirate and is located next to the International Exhibition Center. The attraction is arranged in the form of an open museum, which once again determines the exclusivity of the architecture of the building. The village was created to preserve the atmosphere of the Arab world in the era before the discovery of oil. You will be transferred to the hot Emirate desert, and you can feel yourself in the role of a real eastern Bedouin. Excursions around Sharjah will give you a lot of new experiences!
  • Al Mahatta, the Sharjah Aquarium, the Museum of Archeology, the Museum of Science.

What else is interesting?

In addition to visiting museums, you will find a few more entertainments that will leave a lot of pleasant memories of the rest in the Emirates.

Ferris Wheel in Sharjah

You will visit the Ferris wheel, which is the visiting card of the Emirate of Sharjah. Despite its small height (60 m), the attraction is considered the largest in the Arab Emirates. The unusual location of the landscapes of the Arabian Peninsula allows you to enjoy not only the panorama of Sharjah, but also the neighboring Dubai. The beckoning lights of the metropolis will leave a lasting trace in your soul for a long time. To the convenience of the guests there are 42 comfortable cabins, inside of which there are air-conditioners. Each of them can accommodate up to 8 people. The Ferris wheel is in no way inferior to other attractions of Al-Kasb, for example, musical fountains. On the contrary, it organically fits into the surrounding landscapes, reflected in the calm waters of the canal. Thanks to this tour you can capture the beauty of Sharjah from a height!

Низкая стоимость экскурсий на автобусе в Шардже только у нас!

Interesting excursions by bus in Sharjah

The famous Butterfly Pavilion in Sharjah

The cult place of rest in Sharjah was the «Butterfly Pavilion», which you will also be lucky to visit. It is impossible to fit in the head, but the outer shell of the park consists of more than 4 thousand aluminum parts of different sizes. In the polygonal pavilion of glass contains more than 500 species of butterflies.

The total area of the pavilion is about 800 square meters, and its height in some places exceeds 13 meters. The ornament of the curved roof, even seen from afar, awakens images of traditional oriental patterns in the imagination of tourists. In the room itself, the temperature and humidity level, necessary for living exhibits, are maintained year-round. Butterflies here amaze with their size and indescribable beauty.

Another combo excursion!

In addition to the chic version of the trip described above, you can take advantage of another extremely advantageous offer from Shang Tours. Combined trip on the route Sharjah-Dubai, tickets for which are valid for two days from the date of purchase. The cost of a combined trip is $ 80 for an adult and $ 35 for a child. The price of the tour includes visits to museums that meet on the way. Buy tours in Sharjah very easily, just contact us!

Note! You can use this ticket only once!

The company Shang Tours invites you to enjoy panoramic views of Sharjah and Dubai from the second floor of a comfortable soft bus. Perhaps, this is the most convenient and economical way to travel around the Emirates. In addition, the price and quality of the trip fully justify themselves!

Купить экскурсии в Шардже на двухэтажном красном автобусе

Comfortable excursions in Sharjah

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